Fluidized Bed Concentrator

Environmental C&C’s fluid bed VOC (volatile organic compound) control and solvent recovery systems provide proven, cost effective technology for industrial applications with high volume, low concentration flows of VOC's. This system can easily achieve flow volume reduction ratios of 1000:1 to as high as 10,000:1, allowing for several highly economical final treatment options. The high volume reduction translates into low capital and operating costs compared with standard concentrator systems, or direct treatment.

A proven technology, Environmental C&C’s fluid bed systems are currently treating exhaust streams at facilities for semiconductor manufacturing, painting/finishing, and printing.

Systems range in size from 200 cfm to over 100,000 cfm with final treatment being either condensation for solvent recovery, or thermal oxidation for VOC destruction. Removal or recovery rates of 95% - 99% are achievable. Because of the high turn-down ratio, these "back end" systems are significantly smaller than stand-alone systems, saving on capital expenditures.

200 CFM System
5,000 CFM System
50,000 CFM System
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